So this is my last year of being a teenager

September 19, 2014 § 8 Comments

which feels kind of momentous yet at the same time I know that age is just a number it doesn’t really define you in the same way that experiences do.

But I like the idea of really enjoying being a teenager-

– it means that I can still be considered carefree without worrying about bills and scary ‘Adult’ stuff like growing up and ‘maturing’ . I’m not sure why I put that in quotation marks maybe it’s the connotations of all the typical life checklist things that it seems everyone has to do. Get a job, buy a house, get married, have kids ect. Don’t get me wrong that’s all exciting in its own way and I do look forward to that but there’s a certain kind of freedom that only teenagers get to indulge in like being able to shut yourself in your room just to listen to really loud music. Actually my mum still does that so I’m not sure if there’s an age barrier to that or not.

Ignoring all my rambling earlier, I thought that I would compile a list of some of things that I would want to do whilst still a teenager and can get away with it:

1.) Rebel – I’m a pretty decent kid if I do say so myself, I mean I don’t go out of my way to make my parents miserable. But I do feel like I’m missing out by not doing some of the things my peers do – I’m not saying I want to go crazy or anything but if my middle aged relatives have a more rebellious streak than I do – well it’s just weird, for example my uncle when he was a teenager got a tattoo (which he has since gotten removed) which if my grandma knew about it – well he would not be here today , he also used to drive around in my granddad’s car at the age of 14 – I mean what!- He’s turned out totally successful and fine so clearly rebelling did him some good

e.g.2) My mum snuck out from school at lunchtime to get her 2nd piercing before she even turned my age and has dyed her whole hair purple at one point in her life and now she works in a high school and disciplines children which I think is super ironic and weird the way life turns out.

Meanwhile, there I am still having not decided what to rebel about which I’m pretty you’re not supposed to do. Spontaneity and impulse are clearly not my strong suits.

I think this year I would like to stop caring about how people will judge me and just do what makes me happy. I mean it’s my life to live the way I want and I don’t want to live with regrets so if not now then when – who knows what might happen in the future and I don’t want to miss the chance to really live and experience life

2.) Commit – which is another thing that in my 18 years of life I haven’t really managed to get a hang of. No for real- I would be one of those brides that’s hanging around in Idaho milking cows just to avoid the ceremony. Like I would say yes to doing something and get everyone’s hopes up and then completely forget about it. Regularly posting a blog is a case in point.

I want to find a niche, like something I really enjoy and just commit to doing it and carry it through – I doesn’t have to be for a year – which is a bit to unrealistic for a serial commitment-phobe like myself, I just want to finish something off and see it all the way through

Ideas so far:

write a wattpad story

get a job

take a pottery class or something completely random but cool

become a regular letter writer ( which might actually happen seeing as how my friends are all going to university )

some sort of project, just for fun

at least pretend to try to commit to the whole ‘getting fit’ torture regime

3.) Travel at least once, to some place cool without my family

maybe go with my friends somewhere, just have an adventure and escape normal life for a little while

I think it’ll be worth going just to earn more about myself and what I would do in that different situation as well as  learning to be independent, which is something else I want to do this year.

4.) Do something this year that I could be proud of or tell my grandchildren about

– That’s a nice image: having a story to tell as an old lady in a rocking chair in front of a fireplace with rugrats around.

5.) Record

So I used to love diary writing and scrap booking but I kind of lost touch of that during the last two years because of all the preparation that was needed for the major headaches that were exams. But now that I’m starting university, hopefully it’ll at least be an experience which I’ll want to remember and so get back in the flow of things in terms of recording


Mainly I guess I want to appreciate and live every moment, it’s the last chance I’ll have to say I’m a teenager so out of all the things I want is to be able to say, this time next year, is that I really enjoyed this year and that it was definitely something that’s going to be worth remembering.


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